About us

Era euforija d.o.o. has been engaged in the catering business for many years through two well-known Zagreb restaurants. Budweiser pubs are located on the frequent locations of Kvatrić and Trešnjevka.

It owes its recognizability and long-term successful business to the excellent offer of grilled dishes. Perfectly roasted meat melting in your mouth is the product of a combination of quality meat and a quality heating surface.

It is Eccogrill grills that have proven to be the most efficient, and of the best value for money on the world market.

Carefully designed, with functional workmanship, high energy efficiency and elegant design, Eccogrill grills are the best choice for both professional and home use.

By choosing the Eccogrill grill, the cleanliness of your kitchen remains almost intact, and since there are no flammable substances, there is no danger of fire. With the excellent taste of the food, you also get a very nice look with the characteristic barbecue features.